Our Process

The Problem

Today’s influencer-focused agencies and managed services are in the business of check boxes. They promise X creators who produce Y pieces of content that result in Z impressions. They produce numbers. They use paid spend to guarantee a certain result.

What’s missing?

Influence. A creative concept to deliver an experience that fuels a change in consumer behavior. An actual strategy, not a budget number to hit.

The Solution

Falls + Partners pushes the thinking to focus on Influence, not just influencers.

On action, not just number.

Our creative concepts think beyond numbers of posts in isolation from one influencer. We often bring creators together to exponentially increase results. The results are significantly larger organic reach than standard programs, a more cost efficient influence spend, and better returns for the brand.

Influence Strategy & Creative Concepts

The value Falls+Partners provides lies mainly in a thorough and thoughtful design of influence strategies built not unlike smart overall business and marketing strategies. We build a strategic brief based on business goals and objectives, brand positioning, market conditions, competition and the latest consumer behavior trends.

From there we inform a strategic plan and creative concepts that doesn’t just use influencers, but leverage the power of influence to produce business outcomes. The primary deliverable here is a written plan of execution and creative concepts with recommended creators, benchmarks and potential outcomes.

Influence Program Management

Once a strategy and creative concepts are developed, Falls+Partners picks up where other agencies and managed services typically begin. We connect, contract, and collaborate with our chosen creators to coordinate and execute the strategy. The lion’s share of the cost here typically lies in managing the program, though influencer fees will be estimated and budgeted as part of its execution.

Falls+Partners has both internal resources to manage program implementation and partnerships with influencer agencies and managed services companies to deliver excellence on execution.

Bring the next level of influence strategy and execution to your brand.

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